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the broken backman

some weeks ago daniel write me a mail where he tells me that warner bros is doing a shirt contest for the new BATMAN Rises. the first 3 artworks would be chosen by Nolan and the Production. Sounds good and its worth to try! my time was limited like usual but i can spend 2 days for it.  it worths!

the bane is the villain, the movie is (probably) based on the batman knightfall comicseries and in the story the bane brokes batman's back. batman is forced to spend a while on a wheelchair. I prefer bones to wheelchairs so the elements are set. worth to try!

i did the drawing, colored it with my pc, not mac, pc, maded all the adjustments for the contest and submit the designs.

I waitet some days, check coriously the contestwebsite....

this story continues...

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